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Lie Detectors- Proving Liars or Proven Liars?

Lie detectors, or polygraphs, are used to measure changes of breathing, perspiration, and heart rate.  The accused is first asked a control question, designed to make the suspect a little nervous and cause arousal that the polygraph would detect.  Later, they are asked the relevant question and if this provokes a greater reaction, the accused is proclaimed guilty.  If the relevant question provokes a lesser reaction, it is safe to say the person is telling the truth.  If this system is so straightforward, why don’t we use it all the time?  The truth is, it is very easy for an innocent person to look guilty when taking a lie detector test.  It is psychologically proven that the fear of being disbelieved while telling the truth looks a lot like the fear of being caught lying.  Most often, the jury is not aware of this and only focuses on the results of the polygraph when making their decisions.  When this happens, the innocent is voted guilty and prosecuted for a crime they did not commit.

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